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Customers will always research about the service providers they like to use and those they’d like to avoid. The most trusted source of the information traditionally lay with those close to them: spouses, friends, family, etc. Customers also relied heavily on consumer driven publications like the Consumer Report before making decisions on what brands or products they were going to buy. The magazine provided them with the information they needed to gain confidence or trust in the brands they chose.

Today, a lot of the goodwill the Consumer Report magazine instilled in buyers has been swallowed by major e-commerce giants and online market place. You can hardly find an e-commerce company that lacks a customer reviews system, apart from essay writing companies. Many of them operate without oversight, rules, or any order of that sort. The result of this is the mixed confidence its customers have.

Student consumers

Essay writing companies have launched in a rage in the past 5 or so years. Thanks to the Internet, students in one corner of the world can now access writers from the other corner of the world. But the students need to know that whoever they are being paired with is not only competent but also highly capable of delivering on their requirements.

Why we review companies that sell to them

Without an open customers review system the way Amazon does, consumers are faced with challenging times where it’s becoming harder and harder to find a suitable seller. There are many rogue essay writing companies that don’t make it easy for their customers to get services. These companies are scamming consumers- a feat that is destroying what an entire industry rides on- trust. We review essay writing companies so that we can be in a position to not only recommend worthy essay writing companies, but also help consumers pick out scams.

Essay writing companies, their writers and service in the video!

How we do it

We have a revolving customer reviews collection system. Through this, our team is able to rank top essay writing services from the customer contributions as well as publish their comments in each service category. also understands that only relying upon consumer feedback when it comes to hiring services. They should be furnished with additional information on where a company sources its labor, what it charges, among others. We create a summary detailing each and every one of these elements to help our users become the best term paper shoppers the Internet has ever seen.